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Hayek Archives

Register of the Friedrich Hayek Papers, 1906-1992 -- Register of Hayek's collected papers & letters, archived at the Hoover Institution.

Hoover Institution Archive  -- Hayek's collected papers and correspondence, along with those of the Mont Pelerin Society, Karl Popper, Fritz Machlup, and others.  Contact Carol Leadenham, Assistant Archivist for Reference, at:   Chief archivist of the Hoover Archive is Elena Danielson at:   phone #:  1- 650-723-3428

Stephen Kresge -- General Editor of The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek. 
The Bartley Institute 
1414 Hawthorne Terrace 
Berkeley, CA  94708    USA
phone #:  1-408- 667-2329

Hayek-L List Archive -- Searchable electronic archive of postings to the Hayek-L email list for scholars and researchers at St. Johns University catalogued by author, date, and subject heading, March 1997 to the present.  Hayek-L is an email subscription list of some 450+ researchers in the law, neuroscience, philosophy, economics, psychology, political science, anthropology, public policy, and the history of thought from about 40 countries.

Hayek Research 

The Friedrich Hayek Scholars Page --  links & scholarly resources

Hayek-L Academic Email List -- announcements & discussions among 400+ academics & students

The Hayek Scholar's Bookstore  -- books by Hayek & others

1978 Interviews with Hayek -- transcripts & videos 

Abstract of 1978 Interviews with Hayek -- from

1978 UCLA Oral History Project Interviews with Friedrich Hayek by Achian, Bork, Buchanan, et al. (UCLA, 1983) -- for transcripts write to Alva Stevenson, UCLA Oral History Program UCLA Mail Code 157511 Los Angeles, CA  90095-1575 USA

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Best H-Related Sites

Peter Boettke -- Austrian economics.

Free Banking Home Page -- Kevin Dowd

Friedrich Hayek Gesellschaft e.V.  -- Germany.

History of Economics Society

History of Economic Thought Website -- Goncalo Fonseca & Leanne Ussher

McMaster Archive of the History of Economic Thought

Mises Institute

Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Research Resources

Abstracts in the History of Economics -- History of Economics Society.

Anti-Trust Legal Cases & Theory

Beginner's Guide to Research in the History of Science

Bibliography of Science & Humanities Theorists or Historians

Dictionary of the Philosophy of Mind

Economic Sociology

Economics Textbook Information -- Al DeCook.

EH-Net  --  economic history, etc.

Evolutionary Economics -- Esben Andersen

Free-Market.Net  -- liberal movement & ideas on the Internet.

H-Net  -- Humanities & Social Sciences

History & Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources -- Christopher Green.

History of Economics Internet Links -- electronic econ. texts & lots more

History of Science, Technology and Medicine -- Tim Sherratt.

E-List & Newsgroup category search

Idea Channel -- economic discussions & resources.

Internet Public Library Reference Center

Kant on the Web

Law & Pol Book Review

Liberal Ideas & Societies in Germany -- Hansjoerg Walther.

Liberty Haven

McMaster Archive of the History of Economic Thought

Minnesota Centre for Philosophy of Science

National Center for Policy Analysis Idea House

Nobel Prize Internet Archive Hayek Page

Philosophy of Science and Mathematics: Events in Britain

Philosophy News Service

Philosophy Links & Information

Popper Web Page.

RETICULUM: Neuroscience History Resources

Resouces for Economists -- Bill Goffe.

Science Studies Web Server

Social Sciences Information Gateway

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

U.S. Copyright Office

Virtual Reference Desk

Voegelin Research News

Wadsworth Philosophy Shoppe

Wirtual Wien -- Vienna related cultural & intellectual links.

WWW Virtual Library


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Hayek-Related Archives

Friedman -- Register of the Milton Friedman Papers -- Hoover  Institution Archives.

Haberler -- Register of the Gottfried Haberler Papers -- Hoover Institution Archives.

Hebb -- Index of the D. O. Hebb Papers  -- McGill University

Keynes -- Catalogue of the John Maynard Keynes Papers -- Kings College, Cambridge.

Machlup -- Register of the Fritz Machlup Papers -- Hoover Institution Archives.

Menger -- Register of the Carl Menger Papers -- Duke University.

Mises -- Index of the Early Papers of Ludwig Mises -- Mises Institute.

Morgenstern -- Register of the Oskar Morgenstern Papers -- Duke University.

Polanyi -- Guide to the Michael Polanyi Papers -- U. of Chicago.

Popper -- Register of the Karl Popper Papers -- Hoover Institution Archives.

Voegelin -- Eric Voegelin Archive -- U. of Munich.

HES Guide to Archival Resources in the History of Economics -- complete listing.

H-Related Biblio - People

Eugen Bohm-Bawerk -- McMaster Archive of the Hist of Econ Thought

Richard Cantillon -- McMaster Archive of the Hist of Econ Thought

Adam Ferguson -- McMaster Archive of the Hist of Econ Thought

Ludwig von Mises -- Mises Institue

Vilfredo Pareto -- McMaster Archive of the Hist of Econ Thought

H-Related Biblio -- Topics

Annotated Consciousness & Brain Bibliography -- Ellis & Newton

Annotated Bibliography of Conservative & Libertarian Legal Scholarship -- Federalist Society

Austrian Economics Study Guide  -- Mises Institute

Guide to Classic Liberal Scholarship -- IHS

Hypertext Bibliography of Measures of Complexity -- Bruce Edmonds

Philosophy of Mind Bibliography -- David Chalmers

Outstanding 20th Century Books & Articles in Neuroscience & Psychology -- U. of Minnesota

Hayek-Related Syllabi

Austrian Economics Summer Seminar Reading List -- NYU
Comparative Political Economy
-- Peter Boettke
History of Economic Thought: The Austrian School
-- Peter Boettke
Legal Foundations for a Free Society
-- Todd Zywicki & Peter Boettke
Methodological Controversy in Economics:  The Case of F. A. Hayek
-- Bruce Caldwell
Economics 804 List of Course Readings
-- Lawrence Boland

Academic Programs

NYU Austrian Economics Program

George Mason U. -- Dept. of Economics

UCLA School of Medicine

U. of Georgia -- Dept. of Economics

Funding & Summer School

Institute for Humane Studies -- funding for students studying liberal thought

National Endowment for the Humanities -- funding for government approved scholarship

National Science Foundation -- funding for government approved scholarship

Jobs for Academics

Job Openings for Economists -- USA

Academic Positions in Britain

H-Related People

Boettke, Peter -- economics

Fleetwood, Steve -- economics

Garrison, Roger -- economics

Horwitz, Steve -- economics

Kapelushnikov, Rostislav -- economics

Kornai, Janos -- economics

Novak, Michael -- social theory

Ransom, Greg  -- phil. of science

Sciabarra, Chris -- political  theory

Selgin, George -- economics

Sowell, Thomas -- social theory

Steele, Gerry -- economics

Vaughn, Karen -- economics

Versailles, David -- economics

White, Larry -- economics

Zappia, Carlo -- economics

Curriculum Vitas

Kirzner, Israel -- economics




U.S. Library of Congress

U. of California Melvyl System

UK University Libraries

Electronic Texts

Bohm-Bawerk, Eugen -- McMaster Archive

History of Economic Thought -- classic texts,

McMaster Archive

Hume, David -- The Hume Archive

Menger, Carl -- McMaster Archive

Wieser, Friedrich -- McMaster Archive

Working Paper Archives

EconWPA -- working papers in economics

Working Papers in Economic Sociology

Course Syllabi

Economics -- course syllabi

IHS Syllabus Exchange -- liberal theory

Institutes & Centers

Acton Institute
Austrian Cultural Institute in the USA

Austrian Institute of Economic Research
Bartley Institute -- 1414 Hawthorne Terrace, Berkeley, CA   94708  USA  (408) 667-2329
Buchanan Center for Political Economy

Center for Austrian Studies

Center for Judicial Studies

Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory

Center for the Study of Law & Economics

Center for the Study of Popular Culture

Hoover Institution

Independent Institute

India Policy Institute

Institute for the Study of the Russian Economy
Institute Vienna Circle

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Mises Institute

National Academy of Sciences

Santa Fe Institute

Smith Center

Policy Institutes 

Adam Smith Institute -- public policy & liberal ideas (London)

Atlas Economic Research Foundation -- liberal public policy.

Cato Institute -- public policy & liberal ideas (Washington, D. C.)

Foundation For Economic Education -- liberal policy & economic education.

Hoover Institution  --  public policy & academic research (Stanford)

Independent Institute -- public policy & liberal ideas (San Franscisco)

Institute for Economic Affairs -- public policy & liberal ideas (London)

Liberalni Institut -- public policy & academic publishing (Czech Republic)

Mises Institute -- publications, events & research support in economics. (Auburn, AL)

Moscow Libertarium  -- public policy & liberal ideas (Moscow)

Societies & Associations

The Scholarly Societies Project -- over 1000 scholarly societies.

American Economic Association

American Philosophical Association

American Political Science Association

Association for the Foundations of Science

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

British Society for the Philosophy of Science

Canadian Economics Association

Cheiron:  International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences

Federalist Society

Friedrich August Hayek Gesellschaft e.V.  -- Germany.

History of Economics Society

History of Science Society

International Economics & Philosophy Society

International Society for the History of the Neurosciences

International Society for Theoretical Psychology


International Society for the History, Philosophy & Social Study of Biology

L. S. E. Hayek Society

Mont Pelerin Society -- P. O. Box 7031  Alexandria, VA  22307  USA

Polanyi Society

Philosophy of Science Association

Royal Economic Society

Society for Austrian and Habsburg History

Society for Social Studies of Science

Society for the Development of Austrian Economics

Southern Economic Association

Eric Voegelin Institute for American Renaissance Studies